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Question:  Where do I find the meter reading on my machine?



Most Canon Copiers:

Press the Counter Check button.  The Serial Number and copy counts will come up on the display.

Black and White Machines:  101 Total                                                 Color Machines:  101 Total and 108 (Black)



IR 1310, IR 1630

Press Additional Functions.  Press '+' key until #6 appears.  Press Set.  Get 101 Total.  Press Set.



IR 400s


Open the front panel of the machine.  Read the top meter on the left side of the machine.


Question:  Why do I have black lines on my copies when I use my feeder?


When you make copies from the feeder, the page is scanned as the page moves across the small strip of glass shown below.  If there is any dirt, or white out on the glass, it will show up as a straight line on your copy.  Sometimes this is hard to see.  One good way to know if this is the problem, is to make a copy from the large glass.  If this copy is clean, then you have a problem on the 'scan' glass.



Question:  Why does my copier jam every time I try to copy?


If the paper in the machine does not match the paper size indicated on the cassette dial or slide, the copier will stop, or 'jam'.  If you are having repeated jams, check your paper dials.  If they match the paper in the cassette and the copier still jams, give us a call, and we will come fix it!